Best Affordable Midsize SUVs of 2021

Best Affordable Midsize SUVs of 2021

If you are looking for a compact SUV, but you are on a tight budget, then you are probably opting to buy one in one of your local used car dealerships. However, this 2021, numerous manufacturers have released a wide-array of SUV cars at surprisingly reasonable price points.

Here are some of the top affordable SUVs in 2021 which you need to check out:

Hyundai Santa Fe 2021

If you are looking for a value-packed compact SUV under $30,000, then you would highly appreciate the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe. The 2021 model delivers a brand-new dashboard and an updated style. This affordable SUV can comfortably fit up to five people.

The new Santa Fe has three powertrains, a standard four-cylinder, a turbocharged four-cylinder, and a hybrid that delivers 39 miles per gallon (MPG) for urban rides. The power also routes to the four wheels of the vehicle through a six-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of construction, the upgraded Santa Fe showcases a heavily-refreshed look with a rectangular grille that is accented with LED lights that are vertically oriented. The SUV also features a new tail light design and a light bar that connects the two tail lights.

Kia Seltos 2021

Did you know that you can get a brand-new Kia SUV without going to used car dealerships? With the new Kia Seltos, you can now own the perfect SUV for you and your family for as low as $23,110.

The Seltos offers a boxier and slightly smaller look, which makes it highly comparable to Kia Soul. This SUV also offers an all-wheel-drive and an optional turbo and base engine similar to Soul. What's great about the Seltos is its sophisticated and sleek SUV style.

One of the main advantages the new Seltos offers is fuel efficiency and industry-grade MPG. The EPA has hypothesized the Seltos to deliver efficient MPG, just like Hyundai's Kona.

Lastly, in terms of interiors, Seltos offers ample space for cargo and passengers. The SUV also offers ambient interior lighting, which makes the whole inside of the car look luxurious.

Honda CR-V 2021

The Honda CR-V has been one of the most popular compact SUVs for a solid number of years. In fact, it is one of the most in-demand SUV-type cars among many dealerships offering used car deals worldwide. What's even better is that you can own the all-new Honda CR-V for less than $30,000.

The new CR-V offers a generous space for cargo and an all-functional interior that has excellent storage solutions. This SUV's top-notch build quality and consistency lead to its exceptional resale value.

Moreover, this two-row Honda SUV provides a spacious and attractive cabin that is equipped with several storage solutions making the vehicle perfect for family road trips and camping. The new CR-V is also equipped with active-safety features to ensure the passengers' and drivers' optimum safety.

Mazda CX-5 2021

This list of the best budget compact SUVs will not be complete without a Mazda car. The new CX-5 is undoubtedly one of the most modern SUVs that are currently on sale. This SUV offers a splendid blend of the luxury car's elegance and economical pricing. Thus, this SUV is one of the top compact SUVs that offer exceptional value.

This SUV's fuel economy is fairly decent. The CX-5 is available at a 187-HP four-cylinder base engine and a turbocharged version of the base engine. Its turbocharged engine leads to an estimate of 23mpg fuel economy rate for city drives and around 28mpg for highway drives. 

This compact SUV delivers luxurious details both in its exterior and interior spaces. Lastly, the CX-5 also comes with a vast array of safety features such as pedestrian detection, emergency braking, collision warning, and so much more.

Hyundai Kona 2021

The new Hyundai Kona is currently one of the least-expensive compact SUVs on the market. Hyundai has recently dabbled into the mainstream market for the past 10 years, but their vehicles' quality has never gone down.

Kona is fairly larger and roomier than the other SUVs from Hyundai. However, it costs less than those ones. For only $21,575, the Hyundai Kona offers you a unique style and a powerful turbo engine.

Depending on your style, driving preference, and budget, one of these new SUVs can be your perfect road trip partner. If you need auto advice while you are at the dealership, contact us at WyzeDryer, we provide onlinee auto advice in real ime ensuring you get a great deal at a great price