your sign for buying a lemon

Number One Sign you are buying a lemon

Your savings should be spent on durable and quality purchases. However, nothing can be more devastating than spending your hard-earned money on a car you’ve always dreamt of, only to find out it is a lemon. 

What is a lemon?

A lemon can be a used car for sale that has several defects in its internal functioning that can severely affect its utility, value and might compromise the driver’s and passenger’s safety. Any vehicle that is severely malfunctioning and defective could be considered a lemon.

However, the term lemon is not only used to name malfunctioning vehicles, but it can also be used to name any machinery that has too many flaws to the point that they disable it from serving its purpose. A lemon car can both endanger your life and rip your budget off. That’s why it is very important to know more about the supplier and manufacturer first before closing the deal.

Number 1 telltale sign you are buying a lemon

  1. The car’s salesperson seems unsure and evasive.

The seller’s behavior and body language are great indicators of how truthful they are to their statements. When it comes to selling a car, the salesperson or the firsthand owner should at least be certain with his words to prove commitment and knowledge. If they’re trustworthy enough, they should be clearly answering your questions, showing you the requested paperwork, and consistent when storytelling the vehicle’s history.

If they can’t even show you the maintenance records of the car and all the necessary information you might be looking for, then it’s time to leave and move on to your next choice.

 How to avoid buying a lemon?

  • Before anything else, check the vehicle’s maintenance and reliability records. Any inconsistencies found in the seller’s paperwork could create doubt.
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  • Test driving is important. If you are a first-time buyer, you need to test drive it along the highway and see where its “quality” could take you. If you can see the early signs mentioned above, then it is time for you to questions the car’s functionality.

By taking note of these guides, you will be able to save yourself from being duped by lemon car sellers. Don’t let your excitement stop you from accessing great used car dealerships. There is plenty of used car for sale in the market that are legal and reliable.