In Person Services

In Person Services


We work with your schedule to send a mechanic to you in person get advice tailored to fit your needs. Are you at a car dealer/meeting with a private seller/ or at an auction and need an opinion on a new or used car or the car buying process? Trying to figure out how to negotiate a used car price or what to check for when buying a used car or how many miles are too many for a used car? 

Whatever you may need an auto advisor can help you with any new or used car advice you may need, all you need to do is to check out, get someone to come to you wherever today! 

How it works 

- We currently offer 2 time service options. We offer 45 minutes in person services and Max IPT which is when a mechanic is there for up to 2 hours assisting with any needs. If service is actually carried out additional charges will be assessed. Some of the services offered in person include tire changes, oil changes etc. 

- Pick the date, a time, add the question/location and checkout. You will then get a confirmation email with all the details you need. 

- On the date and time selected, ask as many questions as you need today during the time you schedule.